AMBD is an open-based project powered by marketing experts from ARTOX media and skilled enthusiasts from Blockchain community Universa
  • Proven marketing experience since 2007
  • Office locations in the leading Blockchain hubs: New York, Moscow, Minsk
  • 187 team members, 17 countries, 10+ trusted clients
  • Marketing Support for projects from EU, CIS, Asia and America
  • Coverage of hot blockchain&bitcoin related media, forums, chats, ad networks. Traffic support on Google, Facebook, Yandex, MT, DoubleClick
Successful projects
million dollars raised
years of expertise
world for a blockchain wealth management
OUR services
Our team members provide a full-service strategy tailored for each client’s individual needs and goals. To make the choice easier and more effective, we offer flexible USD packages with mix of services.
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Comprehensive marketing strategy for Blockchain projects
Full-service ROI strategies to attract stakeholders
Turnkey services ready to achieve Your goals
Maximum involvement for project stakeholders
53 media and ad channels to attract stakeholders
Free involvement of crypto stakeholder database for precise targeting options
Success fee payment option
PPC Advertising on Google, Facebook & Reddit
  • Collecting the semantic base for your project (one-time)
  • Developing a strategy to increase traffic (one-time)
  • Setting up end-to-end project analytics through promotion channels (one-time)
  • Setting up and managing contextual advertisement on Google (per month)
  • Setting up and managing targeted advertisement on FB (per month)
  • Setting up and Managing Reddit (per month)
YouTube Advertising
  • Developing a video script
  • Coming up with the concept and the scenario for the video and writing the script.
  • Video production
  • Shooting the video based on the agreed scenario
  • PPC Advertising
Public Relations (PR)
  • Publishing the approved material in Western media in order to secure coverage.
  • «Standard» and «Premium» crypto sites and news sources
  • Publishing in Europe, Asia and the US
Community support on
  • Work in ICO in the Russian, English, Chinese or Korean thread (the language of communication can be chosen)
  • Communication with forum users in all these threads
  • 100 opinion leaders on the forum (from Junior to Hero)
Bounty Program
  • Launching an English thread on Bounty program at, keeping it in top positions
  • Emailing crypto investors from the database and inviting them to join Bounty program
  • Emailing invitations to join the Bounty program to active bounty hunters base at
  • Launching a Telegram Bounty channel
  • Weekly actualization of the Bounty program participants' statuses and counting the awards
  • Communicating with the participants, checking the tasks offered in the framework of the Bounty program
  • Development of an individual bounty strategy
Рlacement in ICO lists
Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Content creation in Medium, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Wechat
  • Moderation
  • Promotion
  • System setup for emailing
  • Sending invitations to funds
  • Sending invitations to cryptoinvestors
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Our clients
  • Total funds raised for our clients: over USD 80M;
  • We support our clients with comprehensive marketing expertise in Blockchain projects, moving them into large world media coverage, optimized performance ad model and quick P2P communications with stakeholder and brand fans;
  • Our offer includes flexible approach in pricing that helps sustain the marketing ROI and Buzz media effect within the Project.
Successful management of 10 Blockchain projects
(portfolios available on request)
OUR advantages
  • Regularly updated database of Crypto Holders
  • Brand Ambassador program
  • Premium video placement at the Times Square, NY
  • World Bounty Program: turnkey approach
  • Premium Placement in the TOP World Mass Media
  • Premium Youtube Video advertisement: 30% unique discount
  • Developed Celebrity Program: TOP Hollywood and Music stars
  • Multilanguage community support: Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and English

Denis Buko


Anatoly Klimchuk


Alexander Borodich

Universa, Strategy Visionary

Alexei Chechukevich


Ekaterina Belozerova

Head of Client Service

Elena Bessonova

IR Manager

Evgeny Belousov

Project Manager

Yaroslav Laptev

PPC Manager

Janna Nem

Head of SEO

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115280, Russia, Moscow

Leninskaya Sloboda str. 26, b.28

Phone: +7 (495) 786 02 79



07083, NJ, Union

1992 Morris Ave

Phone: +1 (973) 536 18 71


Denis Buko

AMBD Operational Visionary

Denis Buko, AMBD CEO. А leading expert in IT management systems in Eastern Europe. He graduated from BSUIR, Belarus, Minsk. Denis has 12-year experience in clients’ innovations within Web-marketing and automation ad procurement processes. Member and chief of the Blockchain working community in IAB Russia.

Anatoli Klimchuk

AMBD Commercial Visionary

Anatoli graduated from KTH, Sweden, Stockholm. Anatoli’s main activity sphere has been ROI marketing modeling for more than 10 years. Member of IAB Russia.

Alexander Borodich

Universa, Strategy Visionary

Alexander is the founder of Universa Project. Ex-Vice President of Mail.RU, founder of Angel Venture Club in Eastern Europe. Alex has 20-year experience in IT venture and marketing. He is an active member of world Blockhain development community. Participant of current Global Financial and Economic Forums across the world: Davos, Moscow, Manilla.

Alex Chechukevich

AMBD Chief Technical Officer

Graduated from BNTU, Belarus, Minsk. Alex is a leading expert in Google, Facebook, Yandex ad technologies. He is an enthusiast with Machine-Learning Coding. Has 10-year experience with ad tech platforms.

Ekaterina Belozerova

AMDB Client Delivery Director

Ekaterina is a lecturer in PFUR, Moscow, Russia at the Ad Department. She has more than 7-year experience in client delivery segment and credentials from 300 successful client’s case studies in EU, US, CIS. Ekaterina is a leader with implementation of multi-scale KPI for client results in ad industry.

Elena Bessonova

Investor Relations Manager

Elena graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University (Major in International Relations); Lomonosov Moscow State University (Advanced Training in Risk Management); Fudan University, China, Shanghai (Internship in Foreign Affairs).
Elena is an expert in China and Asia markets. Еlena has a vast experience for building relationships with investors and developing international businesses in leading Venture Capital, Blockchain, IT, Finance, EPC projects.
Elena has a command of English, Chinese and French.

Eugene Belousov

AMDB Project Leader

Eugene was born in Moscow, has been graduated from LSE, UK, London. His experience in Blockchain marketing project is more than 2 years. Successful cases are with Universa, Swissborg, RocketICO, Play2Live. Eugene has a leading expertise with P2P communications, PR, celebrities.

Yaroslav Laptev

AMBD Web Performance Leader

Yaroslav graduated from the leading technical University in Belarus. He has 5-year experience in implementation and development of ad performance platforms (Google Double Click) and methods of visualization. Yaroslav has investigated and developed the unique ROI system for ICO/Blockchain projects – AMBD Data Project Path.

Zhanna Nem

AMBD SEM leader

Zhanna graduated from MIFI, Russia, Moscow. Zhanna is an expert in search engine optimization of websites with over 10 million unique visitors monthly. Active SEM conference speaker. Her interests are with CTR for the search results from Google, Yandex, Baidu.